"Cierra tus ojos y observa lo que ves" _ "Close your eyes and observe what you see" _ Najm ud din Kubra. [Persia SXII]

Love is your Destiny

el amor es tu destino eng from abuali on Vimeo.

Love is your Destiny

Zayd Ibn Daura Abu Ali
Video 10 minutos 
No Zona 2010 

“Do not be sad, my son love is your destiny.” 

A Video intervention of a concert by Egyptian musician Abdelhalim el Hafiz, performing The Fortune Teller by the poet Nizar Qabbani. 

My son you are 10 years old, I look at the life you have ahead of you and today it gives me vertigo. But it is not fair, perhaps because I am seeing it from my decline, I no longer have the drive that is becoming strong in you now, that is growing every day; this whirlwind of dust, but also of beauty that will take your life, like ours, like a leaf in the wind. Perhaps it was you and Jazmín who recently crossed the dense city sky...
I remember as if it were yesterday in the wastelands, you picked up a translucent stone that shone in the sun when you showed it to me and now I know that you are that star you were holding in your hands.