"Cierra tus ojos y observa lo que ves" _ "Close your eyes and observe what you see" _ Najm ud din Kubra. [Persia SXII]

Una Cruz en la Selva

Abu Ali * OVNI Archives * UFO Sisterhood
Video 24 minutos
Arqueologia Mediática 
Serie: Sueños y Pesadillas Coloniales. 2008 No Zona.

Cruces en la selva y tala de árboles, apertura de pistas en la maleza y porteadores de colonos. Escuelas y procesiones de Semana Santa.
Relectura de las imágenes de período colonial español en Guinea Ecuatorial.
An Archives research and edit on several audiovisual documents from various sources dealing with the old Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea, most of it created for information and educational purposes. Images that illustrate the colonial obsessions of the times: the idyllic image of Spain’s civilizing task, nostalgia for imperial times, the sadistic element in the hunt for wild animals, the work of Christianisation, the militarization of a layer of the population in order to ensure the existence of “loyal natives”, the perpetuation of the African stereotype...